Access the program anywhere, anytime on your computer or mobile device.


Uswim is a step-by-step skills program which is simple to understand through easy to follow instructional videos and lesson plans.


These methods have been used to teach literally millions of lessons conducted by the founders. Parents from all over the world achieve success that they haven’t attained elsewhere.


Uswim provides on-going customer support to answers any of your questions to ensure you get the most out of the program.

Benefits of Uswim’s online lessons

Frequency of lessons

There are some periods of a child’s life when they simply can’t get enough of the pool. While we advocate consistent lessons, Uswim allows parents to conduct lessons anytime when children are keen to learn.


It’s not uncommon for parents and caregivers to start teaching other people’s children or organising group swimming lessons/activities as a leader in their community.


People may not have access or be able to get to traditional swim classes consistently; learning online is convenient and can be done when it suits you.


Teaching your own child to swim gives you insights into how your child learns best while being conducted in a supportive environment.