On behalf of our sports academy team, we would like to thank you for your awesome and spectacular website that helped us so much and contributed in our success as a sports academy.

We really appreciate that you took so much time and effort to design and establish the one of a kind learn to swim curriculum. It is no wonder that Aquatic Achievers is considered as one of the best in the field and no wonder that despite the vast distance from Australia, Uswim is popular across Africa and the Middle East.

Initially we were following the ASA curriculum but after being introduced to Uswim through a group of our South African friends in the swimming industry, we started applying your methodology to our students, the development rate was really surprising. We really hope that one day we can have the honour of your visit to our academy or we can do business together.

We belive that any swimming academy that follows your methodology will succeed to unexpected levels.

Summit Sports Academy
Dr. Raghda Fayez
Swimming Head Coach