United Kingdom

We have four children, ages 9, 8, 5, and 4. We live in the mountains and never go swimming so thus far our kids didn’t know how to swim. But we decided this year it was time because we feel that knowing how to swim, like learning to read and such, was a life necessity. The problem was that even though both my husband and I know how to swim, we didn’t really know how to go about teaching the kids to swim. Then I found your website. We have been using it and working each child through the levels at their own speed.

It has been wonderful! We all love it and we are all having so much fun. The children love getting their certificates and look forward to watching the next video before our lessons. They feel so confidant in the water with the skills they have mastered. Before we started this program, they were very nervous and clingy in the pool, but now they are confident and happy in the pool and look forward to our lessons. Thank you for providing this wonderful curriculum free online. We very much appreciate it.