Niles, United States

I have coached for over 37 years on various age group swim teams. I have instructed kids for over 40 years. I love the sport, I love the kids and have a passion for teaching safety in and around water so that no child escapes the fun and fitness that life in and on the water has in store for them.

I came across your website online. It helped refresh my mind with a new angle on an old issue…putting the face in the water! It is such an unnatural position to be in when exerting one’s self physically to put your head somewhere that you can NOT breathe! Let alone when you are trying to learn something new in a place that others have said… “you could drown” when you even go near a body of water!

Uswim helped me to see the very basic foundation of breathing in visual very simple mechanics. It has made a difficult mental hurdle to cross much easier to see progress in the kids and gave me more steps for success on their behalf. Thank you so much!