Hello from Singapore! Our child started to refuse to go to the swimming lessons at the age of 3. She was bored there and didn’t like to follow somebody’s instructions. We decided to put it on hold, but I knew she loves water and being an avid swimmer myself I was determined to help her to learn how to swim. What was lacking – a structured programme, a guide, as I knew – teaching 3-4 years old is different from teaching an adult.

I’ve come across Uswim and we started our lessons when she was 3 years and 10 months. It was a miracle! Of course, there was a lot of patience, talks and work from my side, but Uswim videos did a good job too – our daughter watched them and she wanted to go to the pool and swim like that girl from the video! I think we are doing great: 7+ weeks into the programme. She has gone from being reluctant to put her face into the water and to don goggles to be able to do survival swim, confidently swimming 5m+ under the water (even at depth), and backfloat kick (5-10m). Yesterday she was able to cross 50m swimming pool (1.6m depth) doing survival swim with me by her side giving her minimal assistance possible. Additionally, she has mastered diving (fetching objects from 1.2m depth), treading water (for about 20 sec), swimming with monofin (for about 4m). So she has done 4 levels within less than 2 months which I couldn’t expect at all! She still refuses to go to the classes with the coaches, so we will just continue doing Uswim programme as it is so much joy and bonding time with me!!! I make videos of her every new achievement and it makes us both feel very happy, although I know there is still lots of work ahead. Worth to mention it has bosted her confidence tremendously and we can see that she got much stronger physically.