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I am a teacher, football and basketball coach, but I have zero knowledge about teaching swimming skills. I enrolled my twin boys in a swimming program at the local community pool and found the “instructors” wanted to be lifeguards and not swim instructors, In addition, they lacked any formal curriculum and training. It became a waste of time and was not fun for anybody. I am not in a big city so there are no other options for swim instruction. Luckily, I found your program online and I am very pleased with how WE are progressing through your curriculum.

Our biggest breakthrough with your program has been the skills and training created around the Torpedo kick. Before I found your curriculum I was struggling with how to teach my boys to put their faces in the water with their arms out in front (and not under their chest doing a dog paddle stroke). Going through the skills leading up to the Torpedo kick has really helped.

I sit down with my boys and watch the videos so they can be prepared for what we are going to concentrate on when we go to the pool. We do dry runs and practise things on the living room carpet. They enjoy it.

I feel much safer with my boys around water because of your curriculum and information.