Lagos, Nigeria

My son started swimming about 18 months ago and he has worked with a few coaches during this period.
It was a tough start and it took several months before he showed significant interest in swimming.
I wanted a more structured training that could allow me to work with him to improve his swimming.
I stumbled on USwim while searching for resources online and I fell in love with the site after reviewing some of the videos.
The sessions are well organized, easy to use and well explained.
I have used the sessions a few times significantly improving his understanding of the basic skills.
We are now working on his freestyle and backstroke drills.
Do look forward to Uswim adding more swim strokes to the program.
This is great, and I am sure other parents interested in training their kids on how to swim the right way will find this package extremely useful.
I also enjoy the fact that we can spend time together in the pool and have some fun after each session.

Thank you USwim.