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Teaching Children to swim is rewarding. But being a great swim teacher is hard without an effective system. Children are unpredictable and all differ from each other physically, psychologically and emotionally. Swimming is about fun, but the teachers who have the most job satisfaction get RESULTS. This means their students progress quickly. Great programs need a consistent, systematic set of skill progressions with clearly defined goals.

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Swim Teachers Testimonial

Yehia from Qatar testimonial
Teaching kids to swim in Qatar
Doha, Qatar

On behalf of our sports academy team, we would like to thank you for your awesome and spectacular website that helped us so much and contributed in our success as a sports academy.

We really appreciate that you took so much time and effort to design and establish the one of a kind learn to swim curriculum. It is no wonder that Aquatic Achievers is considered as one of the best in the field and no wonder that despite the vast distance from Australia, Uswim is popular across Africa and the Middle East.

Initially we were following the ASA curriculum but after being introduced to Uswim through a group of our South African friends in the swimming industry, we started applying your methodology to our students, the development rate was really surprising. We really hope that one day we can have the honour of your visit to our academy or we can do business together.

We belive that any swimming academy that follows your methodology will succeed to unexpected levels.

Summit Sports Academy
Dr. Raghda Fayez
Swimming Head Coach

Great Teachers are Great Communicators

Style can differ greatly, but all quality teachers must communicate to students and parents very clearly what they are trying to achieve. Uswim allows you to gain the trust of your customers and students by visually representing the program they are learning. Use video and our program graphics to illustrate how each skill should look.

Show your students what they are trying to Achieve

Here’s why Uswim can help your Career as a Swimming Teacher


Uswim’s founder (Ben) was the CEO of Aquatic Achievers for 6 years – a swim school which employed over 140 professional teachers and taught 450,000 high quality lessons per year


You will grow your customers and be more effective with current students if you are continually developing systems to operate your lessons within. Uswim can add to your experience with our swim program, lesson plans, certificates and information.


After 43 years in the swim industry, the founders of Uswim will most likely have come across problems you have. We love helping teachers throughout the world when they get stuck.

Values and Philosophy

Our Teaching Philosophy and Program Design is built on fundamental values which have stood the test of time.

Children thrive when in an encouraging/caring environment.
We never threaten, belittle or or force kids to perform tasks.
Rules and boundaries that students understand must be enforced consistently.
Masterful teachers inspire intrinsic motivation within their students.
Being challenged outside of our comfort zone is how we learn and grow.

Uswim Scholarship Program

Although Uswim is a fraction the cost of professional swimming lessons, some people do not have the money to purchase the program.

We offer a set number scholarships per month, which is full access for life. If you or your organization genuinely cannot afford Uswim, please apply for a scholarship below.

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Kids Swimming Lessons Uswim

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