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What is Uswim ?

Uswim is a ‘Beautifully Simple’ ONLINE Learn-to-Swim program
which shows you how to teach children to swim.

Who Is Uswim For?


Thousands of parents from around the world have taught their own children using the program.

New Teachers

Uswim helps new teachers by providing a set curriculum so they can clearly understand the goals for students.

Experienced Teachers

Professional teachers from every continent used our proven methods to enhance their teaching.

How Uswim Works?

Watch and learn from Uswim instructional videos to select the appropriate level to start teaching.

Use our lesson plans and ask us questions to organize and perform structured classes.

 Teach the skills in your student’s level. Once they can perform the goal, present our certificate, and move to the next level.

What Does Uswim Cost?

Subscribing to the Uswim program costs $9 /month.

Free Support

Cancel Anytime

Unconditional Refund

We are all Teachers

In 2011 Josset who couldn’t Swim or speak English became a Swimming Teacher in 8 days.

Full story

Designed and Proven in Australia

Used in 130+ countries around the world!

Duncan Armstrong
Olympic Gold medallist – Father of 5 - Uswim Advocate

“My kids have been taught by Ben and his team for over 10 years – they are the best in the business.

I’ve been an advisor and advocate of Uswim from the start. This program is stunningly effective and being available to parents and teachers throughout the world is simply brilliant.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any-water!”

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