Teach your Child to Swim Confidently and Quickly

Uswim reduces your child’s anxiety in the water and boosts your confidence in their swimming ability.

Endorsed by Olympians

Used in over 130 countries

Developed in Australia

Developed in Australia

Simple to Teach

43 years of teaching experience has enabled us to create the world’s most Beautifully Simple program.

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Parents Testimonial

Nelleke from Netherlands testimonial
Teaching kids to swim in Netherlands
Tiel, Netherlands

I’ve been using this program to teach my two boys how to swim. My oldest son has gone through all the steps and it is awesome seeing him go through the water like a rocket knowing that I thought him this!

I started to teach them myself for two reasons: my son has a lot of trouble with his ears, and if he would take regular swimming lessons he would miss a lot of classes due to ear infections, placement of ear tubes and stuff like that. This way we could work around that. The second reason is that I had heard bad stories about the local swimming lessons: groups too big, and children that needed much more time to learn how to swim than promised.
Besides these reasons, it is a great way of spending one-on-one time with my son. Help him with his struggles and celebrating victories together. It definitely brought us closer.

In the beginning not only he needed to learn how to swim, I needed to learn how to be a teacher. Sometimes it was frustrating, but I learned a lot from it as well. We followed the steps exactly as posted on the website. Before starting with a new step we watched the video together, so he knew what was expected of him, and he knew where we were going.

The beginning was frustrating. It took 6 weeks before I got my son to put his face in the water. We didn’t just practice this in the pool. Also at home, in the bath. And when he finally did it, I was so proud! Now, 2.5 years later, he’s doing freestyle like a pro. We took our time, took time off when his ears got infected, and when he got new ear tubes. Sometimes we started practicing and he had forgotten all I had thought him in the lessons before. But we kept at it. Tried to go to the pool once a week.

Now I’m teaching my youngest son too. He’s got the advantage of me knowing how to be a teacher, and he doesn’t have any ear trouble. We’ve been practicing a year now, and he has almost completed all the lessons on this program. It won’t be long before he’ll be racing through the water with his brother.

Teacher Resources Included

Uswim comes included with Lesson Plans for parents to follow at the pool so you know exactly how to structure an effective lesson. There are also printable certificates to celebrate success for each Level.

Reasons why Parents use Uswim



For over 10 years we have worked with focus groups of parents and real life users to continually simplify the program for parents. No experience is required to understand how to teach.


Our Philosophy at Uswim is ‘The faster you learn, the more fun you have!’ Kids become highly engaged with the learning process when they can feel momentum and progress, and vice versa.


Is your child bored, frustrated or not progressing? Uswim works because both parent and student clearly understand the goal for each level, therefor the path to success is very clear.


No tricks or ongoing subscriptions. Once you buy access to a level, its your for life so you can revisit the program or use for multiple children or even kids outside your family.

Uswim Scholarship Program

Although Uswim is a fraction the cost of professional swimming lessons, some people do not have the money to purchase the program.

This is why we offer a set number scholarships per month, which is full access for life. If you or your organization genuinely cannot afford Uswim, please apply for a scholarship below.

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Kids Swimming Lessons Uswim

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