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How Uswim works for New Teachers?

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Why New Teachers love Uswim?


Starting any new venture first starts with confusion and anxiety. Knowing you are following a proven program will develop your confidence faster.


The most common problem for new taechers is - INFORMATION OVERLOAD (to much info). Uswim strips away the noise and gives you the clarity of a systemized program.


As you teach more lessons, questions and problems will arise. We have been teaching kids for 43 years, and we will likely have an answer for you.

Beautifully Simple

Transforming our lives and learning something new is not easy. However when the process is simplified we gain momentum and confidence faster.

Teaching Tools

Teaching Tools

Uswim provides lesson plans for each level. This is a clear sequence of skills to practice with your students so you know how to structure a lesson. Certificates are can also be printed for students when they complete each level.

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