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How old should a child be before they start swimming lessons?

We recommend children start using the Uswim program from ages 3 and up.

A child can start swimming from much younger though. A child can start being conditioned to water when they are 3 months old.

If my child's scared should I just wait until they get older to start swimming lessons?

The longer you wait, the harder it could be to introduce a child to water. If your child has hesitation around the water, you can begin by practising level 1 at home or at a place where they’re more comfortable. Do not rush them into something they’re not ready for.

My child fears water and will not get into a pool, what should I do?

Find a pool that has a shallow area that the child can slowly enter. Make it fun and engaging for the child. Bring a toy (or toys) from home and use them at the pool as something that is familiar to the child. Always keep them close by and feeling secure.

I have never learnt to swim myself, how can I teach a child if I can't do it?

Following the Uswim program will allow you to confidently teach your child to swim, step by step. If you are a non-swimmer, you must be supervised by a lifeguard or someone confident in swimming. If you are not confident in the water, we recommend using a shallow pool that you can stand in to stay comfortable.

Does the temperature of the water matter for swim lessons?

A warmer pool will be more comfortable for the child (and you) to learn in. However, you can still teach a child in an unheated outdoor pool with a warm outdoor temperature.

When should I use goggles, or should I leave them off?

Mixing up when you use goggles and don’t is a good idea, so children don’t rely on their goggles too much. It is recommended using goggles when learning a new skill, such as submerging the face. Using goggles will also stop the children’s eyes from getting irritated in the water.

Are flotation aids a good idea for children learning to swim?

Flotation aids can be useful in helping children build confidence and independence in the pool. However, children can build a false sense of security and ability. If you are going to use flotation aids, we recommend spending equal amounts of time with the aids on and swimming (with assistance) with the parent/supervisor nearby.

When should I feel confident leaving my child in a pool on their own?

Children should always be supervised when in or around a pool. Even if you are confident with your child’s ability, accidents can happen easily. Always keep your child within arm’s reach.

When do I know my child has completed a level and is ready for the next?

The level guide videos will show you an example of what the skill should look like before progressing onto the next set of skills.

Can you use the same methods when trying to teach an adult how to swim?

Yes! The step by step Uswim program can be used to teach any age group to swim.

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