Creating a stronger bond with your child

3 November 2020

As many parents discovered during the Covid-19 pandemic, teaching their own children can be both a challenging and rewarding experience, for both student and educator.

With schools closed across the world, in some countries for several months, millions of parents also took on the role of teacher to ensure their kids’ education didn’t suffer.

While it’s not a role to be taken lightly, this predicament certainly helped to highlight the benefits of teaching your child a skill and imparting valuable knowledge onto them.

If you think about a parent’s sense of immense pride when their child’s bicycle training wheels come off and they ride unassisted for the first time – why not experience the same joy by teaching your child fundamental swimming skills?

Some of the benefits are:

  1. Building a stronger bond: What’s more rewarding than spending time together on achieving a common goal? For the most part, once a child is old enough to go to school, many of the things they learn are taught by someone other than a parent – general and vocational knowledge at school, of course, but also sports, playing a musical instrument, etc. Much like that first unassisted bicycle ride, the bond that is strengthened by achieving a goal such as swimming 20 meters, after a focused period of learning, is something to be treasured.
  2. Problem solving: There will no doubt be challenging moments while teaching your child to swim – dealing with frustration, maintaining their motivation and rewarding their progress. But working through those moments together, tackling issues together and persevering, will ultimately achieve the best outcome for both teacher and student.
  3. Nurturing your child’s self-confidence and wellness: Having a basic skill such as knowing how to swim not only provides a child with life-saving abilities, it also builds their self-esteem and helps to maintain a healthy and happy life. Playing an even more active role in boosting self-confidence and improving their wellbeing is a rewarding act, indeed.
  4. The teacher learns, too: To be clear, this isn’t just an exercise in your child learning to swim. The parent will also come away with an experience that’ll help them with managing their child’s growth and development in many other ways. Gaining a better understanding how they react to new situations, how they deal with stress, how best to encourage them – these are all things that the parent can learn through teaching their child a basic skill such as swimming.
  5. Reinforcing a parent’s role, even in their children’s adulthood: As children grow older and become more independent, it’s important for them to learn how to make informed decisions on their own. However, it’s equally important to be reminded of the benefits of seeking help from a loved when there’s a problem to be solved and knowing it’s OK to ask for help.

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