Teach Children to Swim

With the world’s most beautifully simple ‘Online Learn to Swim’ program.

Teach Children to Swim

With the world’s most beautifully simple ‘Online Learn to Swim’ program.

Kids Swimming Lessons

Uswim is a proven ‘Do-it-Yourself’ online swimming program designed for Parents and Swimming Teachers to remove a child’s fear of water and boost your confidence in their swimming ability. Rest assured you have done your job giving the gift of swimming for a lifetime.

43 years experience

43 years experience

Endorsed by Olympians

Endorsed by Olympians

Developed in Australia

Developed in Australia

Learn to Relax, then Learn to Swim.

Teaching children to swim can be difficult if they are anxious or overwhelmed. Our approach is to ensure students are comfortable with floating and being underwater by first learning foundational Breath Control. Then Uswim will guide you through the step-by-step techniques needed to teach Survival Swim, Backstroke and Freestyle.

Beautifully Simple

Uswim’s proven step-by-step ‘Learn to Swim Program’ is Easy for you to teach & Easy for students to learn.

Swimming lessons for Kids

Program Guide

Designed and Proven in Australia

Used in 130+ countries around the world!


Australia is a nation of swimmers.

With the majority of the population living on or near the coastline, learning to swim in Australia is essential for safety as well as participating in traditional cultural activities such as days at the beach.

Over the past 40 years, Australian swim schools have led the world in program design and swim school curriculum for babies and children under 5 years.

For example Brisbane, where Uswim was born, has more swim schools per capita than any city on earth.

“My kids have been taught by Ben and his team for over 10 years – they are the best in the business.

I’ve been an advisor and advocate of Uswim from the start. This program is stunningly effective and being available to parents and teachers throughout the world is simply brilliant.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any-water!”

Duncan Armstrong
Olympic Gold medallist – Father of 5 - Uswim Advocate

The Smartest Online Learn-to-Swim Solution

Learn to swim anywhere in the world


Children will learn to swim quickly and without anxiety. Uswim was designed to maximize the speed kids learn skills and gain confidence. Parents can also increase the frequency of lessons to accelerate learning.
Cheap swimming lessons


You’ll pay much less than you would for traditional swimming lessons. Considering traditional lessons can cost over $700/year, if they are not effective this could be a waste of time and money.
Teach kids swimming


Anyone can follow the Uswim method. Each skill builds on the previous, which means people with no swimming background can understand where the student is currently, and what they need to work on to improve.
Learn to swim anywhere in the world


You’ll build a deeper relationship with your child if you teach them to swim. Parents continually comment to us that the swimming process has been an unforgettable journey where both parent and child learn more about each other.
teach kids to swim

Lesson Flexibility

When parents teach their own kids, they can perform lessons whenever and wherever they want. A great example is summer holidays, where parents using Uswim can perform lessons everyday and see rapid improvement.
Guaranteed, teaching kids to swim

Risk Free

You can trial the first level of Uswim free of charge. And Uswim is covered by an unconditional money back guarantee. Plus we are always available for questions or problems.


Read what Parents and Teachers from around the world have told us about their experience with Uswim’s Online Swimming Lessons.

Learning to Swim Online

More reasons why Uswim may be better for you instead of traditional lessons.

Potential problems with traditional swimming lessons

  • Teacher suitability

    Finding the right teacher who can bond and understand your child can be a challenge and sometimes its easier for the parents to get the teaching process started.
  • Access

    People living in remote regions may not be able to get to professional swimming teachers consistently.
  • Teacher inexperience

    Unfortunately some teachers simply don't have the experience or know-how to deal with children’s behaviour in the pool.
  • Disruption

    There are times when group lessons can be ineffective such as when children of differing abilities are in the same class or behavioural problems. This can also occur if you are given a different teacher each week and your child does not handle change very well.

Benefits of Uswim’s online swimming lessons

  • Frequency of lessons

    There are some periods of a child’s life when they simply can’t get enough of the pool. While we advocate consistent lessons, Uswim allows parents to increase lesson per week when children are hungry to learn.
  • Flexibility

    Some children are not suited to regular lesson times each week. This can include those with special needs, or children who get sick often in winter etc. For these families it helps to be able to perform a lesson in whenever possible.
  • Community

    It’s not uncommon for parents who use Uswim to start teaching other people’s children or organising group swimming lessons/activities as a leader in their community.
  • Understanding

    Teaching your own child to swim gives parents insights into how their child learns best, what they struggle with and how they overcome adversity.


Here are some questions that we get asked often. If you have any others, please contact us.

How old should a child be before they start swimming lessons?

We recommend children start using the Uswim program from ages 3 and up.

A child can start swimming from much younger though. A child can start being conditioned to water when they are 3 months old.

If my child's scared should I just wait until they get older to start swimming lessons?

The longer you wait, the harder it could be to introduce a child to water. If your child has hesitation around the water, you can begin by practising level 1 at home or at a place where they’re more comfortable. Do not rush them into something they’re not ready for.

My child fears water and will not get into a pool, what should I do?

Find a pool that has a shallow area that the child can slowly enter. Make it fun and engaging for the child. Bring a toy (or toys) from home and use them at the pool as something that is familiar to the child. Always keep them close by and feeling secure.

I have never learnt to swim myself, how can I teach a child if I can't do it?

Following the Uswim program will allow you to confidently teach your child to swim, step by step. If you are a non-swimmer, you must be supervised by a lifeguard or someone confident in swimming. If you are not confident in the water, we recommend using a shallow pool that you can stand in to stay comfortable.

When should I feel confident leaving my child in a pool on their own?

Children should always be supervised when in or around a pool. Even if you are confident with your child’s ability, accidents can happen easily. Always keep your child within arm’s reach.

When do I know my child has completed a level and is ready for the next?

The level guide videos will show you an example of what the skill should look like before progressing onto the next set of skills.

Can you use the same methods when trying to teach an adult how to swim?

Yes! The step by step Uswim program can be used to teach any age group to swim.

Teach your children to swim

with the Uswim ‘Online Learn-to-Swim’ program.

Kids Swimming Lessons Uswim
Kids Swimming Lessons Uswim

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