What is Uswim?

We’re a community who believes every child deserves the right to learn to swim. Most parents around the world can’t afford or access kids swimming classes, so we bring the lessons to you. Designed in Australia, the world’s simplest online learn-to-teach swimming program is used by parents, caregivers and teachers in more than 130 countries.





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Duncan Armstrong

Olympic Gold Medallist – Father of 5

I’ve been an advisor and advocate of Uswim from the start. This program is stunningly effective and being available to everyone is simply brilliant.

Mieke, Belgium

I base all my lessons on the skills presented in your program and I would love to tell you that works very well!

Adebola, Nigeria

I fell in love with the site after reviewing some of the videos.

Carrie, United States

In the month that we’ve been following the Uswim program, our 4yo has gone from not being able to put his face in the water to being able to swim 5-10 feet independently

Jacque, United States

Uswim helped me to see the basic foundation of breathing in a very visual and simple way.

Davina, Australia

I can’t thank Uswim enough for their amazing online program. I have and will continue to recommend to everyone.

Nelleke, Netherlands

It is awesome seeing him go through the water like a rocket knowing that I taught him this!

Zoe Smithies, Australia

The Uswim program has been invaluable to me as an untrained ‘swimming teacher.’

Mohd Anwar Abd Ariff, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A very impressive method. I applied to my own child & a few students. The progress was so amazing.

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