Day 1 Well its Easter 2012 and I am over the moon that I am about to head back to Mauritius and volunteer on behalf of uSwim and Aquatic Achievers to teach swimming to Children of the SOS Village in Beau Bassin. The First Trip which was last July/August has had a lasting effect and motivated me to get back and see how the kids are and see if their swimming has improved. The Easter Holidays was the best time because the weather is a little hotter and the kids also get 2 full weeks off school. Danielle from Project Dovetail has once again been in contact with the village bosses, organising pool space and the events for the 2 weeks. She is will also be heading over with her mother to deliver gifts and also renovate the Library. After last year I have thought a lot about the actual swim program and now I have an understanding of the ages and abilities of the children, it is easier to put together lesson plans.