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Unfamiliar Terms & Game suggestions? (1 reply)

2 years ago
2 years ago

Hi there, I am also familiarizing myself with the lessons for the 3 and older age group. There are some unfamiliar terms. 

Could you please explain the Speedboat kicking drill?  

Also, I understand the general idea of pool exploration and games but do you have specific techniques for pool exploration and games that you can suggest?  I see pool exploration and comfort, pool exploration and game, game and climbing out practice, toy chase and game, game with goggles off.  

Also under the back-kicking lesson plan, it says backfloat roll & paddle but I didn't see that in the video.  

Thanks so much!  This is a great resource!

Ben Douglas
2 years ago
2 years ago

Hi Pamyi 

The speedboat kicking drill is when the child's chin rests on the teachers shoulder, and the child's arms are gently around the teachers neck. The teacher then holds the legs to show how the correct kicking motion 'feels' for the swimmer.

Pool exploration - this can include simply going to different areas in the pool, climbing out at different ledges, different depths or areas which are darker/lighter etc.  The point is that the child does adapt to different water environments, which will hopefully prepare them if they ever find themselves panicking in an unfamiliar situation. 

Back-float, roll, paddle. Simply get the child to back-float independently, then get them to roll and paddle to safety on your command. The reason why this is a great drill is because when the swimmer rolls, they will be slightly disorientated, then settle and swim to safety. This is practicing real-life examples of saving themselves. The teacher must be close by when doing this drill if the child becomes overwhelmed. 

Hope this helps


2 years ago

Hi Ben,

First off, just want to say a BIG thank you for your site. I started trying to teach my son to swim with several swim books, but I felt they weren't laid out clearly and just mostly boasting about how great the author is as an instructor and how their kids are perfect little swimmers. Our lessons weren't organized and frustrating for both of us. Coming across your site was a God send.

I too am wondering about terms. Is there a spot on the site were we can learn what things like bunny hops, chairlifts, and humpy dumpty are? I check the FAQ page, bu I didn't see anything addressing that and none of the links worked. Any advise would be wonderful!

Thanks again for your site and changing the way we learn to be in the water. My boy and I are more confident and comfortable being in the water and we have fun!

Kindest regards,