Day 2 Arrived in Mauritius yesterday feeling pretty jet-lagged and tired but excited all the same to be back in the island nation. This time I am staying in Flic en Flac, a small town on the western coastline of the island about an hour south of the Capital – Port Louis . Yesterday I met the head of the Lifeguards in Mauritius – Viraj. He had learnt about the trip last year and was keen to be involved. Like most people on the island he knew about the SOS children and had actually offered his help previously to the orphanage. Viraj is also a member of the sports council of Mauritius. Like most Mauritians he is warm and enthusiastic and proud of his country and the people. Day 3 Today I headed to the Village just to say hello to the kids and see Linda and the team which works so hard to keep the village operational. They were doing renovations to one of the buildings so there could be more rooms to perform councelling.  Because many of the children had come from either violent or neglected backgrounds, weekly councelling sessions are a must. I cruised around to a few of the houses and it was amazing to see some of the faces from last year. La Piscine and Nager (pool and swim in French) is what the kids yell when they see me, so at least they know why I am here. Most were watching a Bollywood movie that Linda told me was a favourite so I didn’t dare interrupt. Linda mentioned that pool was really hard to get this time, as it’s the same pool that the Mauritian athletes use to train and also other groups. But we would have it for 6 days and 2 hours per day beginning Friday. check ut a Video of the trip at