“Good teachers learn from their mistakes, great teachers learn from the mistakes of others.” Unknown.

We all want to be better at what we do. Here are the first of a series of my top tips to help you.

  1. Find someone you respect and that has been in the industry for a while,
  2. observe Great Teachers teaching,
  3. Ask questions daily,
  4. Approach your supervisor daily and ask for feedback
  5. Ask how you can improve lesson plan delivery or how to help a struggling child, And lastly:
  6. Never be afraid of critical feedback- relish it- learn from it!

Over my 43 Years of Swim Teaching and Swim Education, I have observed great teachers and Not-So-Great Teachers. Thankfully swimming is not a complicated skill to teach. Finding a Mentor will definitely help.

My primary mentor would be 125 years old today and yet so many of his methods are still used by our 200 staff! One thing he ingrained in me was the importance of dry land drills. He had a theory that is a child couldn’t do the drill on land they had no chance in the water (obviously this excludes baby swim teaching). Find your mentor today! Knowledge and experience is best served with friends!