I am not even sure if Albert Einstein was able to swim, however I am sure he would have made a brilliant swim teacher. There are two reasons. Firstly there is a famous story of Einstein receiving a golf lesson.  He was given several tips and pieces of advice at once and eventually became overwhelmed and frustrated. He eventually told the golf coach that even he (the world’s smartest man) can only concentrate on one thing at a time.  The point is that Einstein would have broken the swimming process into small, attainable steps for children, just like great swim teachers do now. http://www.annecaingolf.com/images/Winter2006FloridaGolf.pdf Secondly, Einstein had a very deep understanding of the importance for humans to explore and use their imagination. It is very important that within the structure of a swim lesson, teachers create a magical environment for children and we foster the natural enthusiasm kids have when they are in the pool. I suggest you read his many quotes regarding education, many of which criticize the strict, regimental, test-focused, creative-killing rote learning style he grew up with. ben albert