Took my Ukulele to the village this morning and the kids all began having a Jam. Linda Told me that the girl who was missing had been found, but the 2 boys were still missing. She said that there were announcements on the Radio and everything. Back to the older kids today, and it was super sunny which was nice. Once again these kids were straight into the lessons, listening beautifully and understanding my ridiculous French/English/body language/clapping feedback. On the last trip we had Josset learning the skill progressions, however this time that Umi and Mary-jane need to be the teachers because they really have grasped what each child should be working on. Plus they are both good swimmers so can do better demonstrations etc. A great morning of lessons !! After lessons we went back to the village where Danielle, her mum and two other Ladies were painting the library. This has been one of Project Dovetail’s biggest goals is to have a great library for the kids. Everyone was getting into the underwater theme, and the room was coming up a treat compared to how it had looked. Danielle had also spent a lot on new books for the library, both French and English. Check out a film clip @