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How to teach your child to swim: uSwim lessons – Level Two

Last week we went over how teach babies to swim in the first level of the uSwim program. This week, we’re going to progress and instead focus on teaching children three years old or over how to swim. The series of online classes we have developed are very user-friendly and easy to understand, and give everyone […]
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How to teach your child to swim: uSwim lessons – Level One

Learning how to teach your child to swim is an important skill that here at uSwim we have made easy for everyone to learn and understand. We have developed a very simple and user-friendly series of online classes where everybody can have the opportunity to learn how to teach their child to swim at home and […]
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What Does It Take To Achieve Good Stroke Development?

I was at the pool today and had a chance to see Lily finishing her 300m Swim. It’s hard to believe that she is just 3 years old- Lily’s stroke development is well beyond her years! What do you think it takes to achieve this stroke at such a young age? I believe the fundamentals of swimming […]
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Straight arms vs. Bent arms, what should kids learn first?

Why uSwim gets kids to use ‘Straight Arms’ When first teaching a young child to perform Freestyle or Front Crawl, there are two common methods instructors use to teach the recovery (when the arm is out of the water)  of the arm after each stroke, Bent arms and Straight arms. Bent: This technique involves the student bending their […]
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