We receive many questions from parents who have trouble getting their baby or new swimmer to take a breath or put their face into the water. This is not surprising, as nervous or excited children will not have control of their breath, therefore can accidentally inhale or suck water into their lungs while swimming. This gives the child an awful fright and feels terrible. So it is natural for them to associate putting their eyes or face into the water and with unpleasant feeling which produces much anxiety. the more we try to force or pressure a child to put their face into the water without addressing the breath control, the more resistance they will build up. Its like trying to get an adult to walk into a dark room where they get hit in the stomach each time – we would all avoid the room. Solution For both babies and older children, the solution is to practice breath control in an environment where the child is MOST comfortable. This could be a bathtub, sitting at kitchen sink, or in the shower, or in the garden – doesn’t matter – the point is that making things familiar and comfortable will allow the child to practice the breath control For children under 3 years use the  – Name, ready, go command to condition the response from skill 1 in the babies section http://uswim.com/free-video-lessons/under-3-years-old/ For children over 3, Skill 1 breath control http://uswim.com/free-video-lessons/over-3-years-old/   Thanks