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Floating, why it's so important

No matter what age you are what your level of swimming, floating is a skill that must be continually practiced. This really hit home recently when Olympic gold medal winning coach Stephan Widmer  showed our Aquatic Achievers staff footage of a training drill he does with Libby Trickett. There she was practicing floating on her stomach […]
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Scared or anxious swimmers

At uswim we recieve many emails from parents regarding children who are nervous or scared about going for a swim. It is quite natural for children over the age of 2 to be apprehensive about such a foreign environment such as water. We have found with our swim schools the most common age children’s attitude towards […]
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World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2011 – uSwim

10 – 13th May 2011 DaNang Vietnam Recently leaders in a range of fields came together in DaNang, Vietnam.  This gathering was the World Conference on drowning prevention 2011, a get together of 400 delegates from 50 different countries all with a common goal of reducing the drowning toll world wide.  Ben and I were fortunate […]
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Why teach babies to swim?

For anyone who is ionvolved in teaching babies to swim, or has taught their own baby to swim, the benefits are obvious. As long as their is a caring environment, proper techniques used and parents are not rushing or pushing their baby, results and water aweareness will follow. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should […]
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Straight arms vs. Bent arms, what should kids learn first?

Why uSwim gets kids to use ‘Straight Arms’ When first teaching a young child to perform Freestyle or Front Crawl, there are two common methods instructors use to teach the recovery (when the arm is out of the water)  of the arm after each stroke, Bent arms and Straight arms. Bent: This technique involves the student bending their […]
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Why teach Freestyle and Backstroke first?

At uSwim we encourage parents to teach their children Freestyle and Backstroke before other swimming style/strokes, once the child can Dog Paddle and Backfloat. Background: There are lots of different ways to move around inthe water. These styles are called strokes. Some strokes are better suited for safety, some for speed and some just because the are […]
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Blowing Bubbles

  One of the first activities parents and some swim teachers teach children to do is to Blow bubbles. Blowing bubbles underwater is fun for children. However should kids be taught to blow bubbles, and if so, at what stage of their swimming education? In our opinion, teaching a child to blow bubbles too early makes them […]
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Winter Swimming

Often we think of swimming as a summer sport and that summer is the best time to teach our kids to swim… but is it? Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors and we often use water as a place to relax on a hot summers day.  Because it’s when we […]
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Why and how to use Goggles

Goggles, just in case they call them  something different in far off lands, are those plastic things which cover the eyes so we can see clearly under water. The use of goggles should be done with a balanced approach. There are times they are beneficial, and times when you need to practice without them. Some people […]
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Floaties – should they be used?

In recent week there have been several emails to asking our opinion on Floaties, or flotation devices in some countries. Should children wear them? Do they help kids learn? As  general Rule uSwim does not believe the use of floatation devices which are attached to a child’s body when teaching children to swim. Note we are not […]
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