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Teaching adults using the uSwim program

Quite often we get asked from people around the world if the uSwim program can be used to teach adults how to swim. Firstly, i must say that teaching adults is not our expertise even though Nick and myself have taught adults before (Nick Recently taught a mother from Lebanon with a huge fear, yet was […]
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uSwim in Mauritius – day 7 – Flic en Flac beach

Day 7, Although there were some clouds, there was definitely more hope of a clear and fine day for the beach. Going to the beach is such a huge treat for these kids as it’s an expensive exercise, Linda said that they get 1 of these types of trips for the major school holidays. After getting Martine, […]
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uswim in Mauritius – day 6, lesson 4

Day 6 Last day of official lessons, pouring down rain.   At the village we took some photos of the kids, they have not seen an iphone before so I show off what you can so with the photos. Today we took the best 9 swimmers (or the 9 who I think can improve the fastest) form the 98 […]
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uSwim in Mauritius – day 5 – lesson 3

Day 5 No one told me that Mauritius is capable of producing cold days before I came. Raining this morning with a chill in the air (same as Australia, it’s the middle of winter). The kids are now looking for me to turn up at the village each morning, and both of us are enjoying the […]
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uSwim in Mauritius – day 4 – lesson 2

Day 4 Finally had a decent sleep, alarm at 6:30, I have been waking at 4 or 5 each morning because of the time difference. Today I had my helper – Martine who is a 19 year old native Mauritian and family friend of the Project Dovetail director, Danielle. Its obvious and nice to know that the children […]
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Mauritius – day 3 – 1st day of lessons

Day 3 – 1st day of lessons, So I had to give some thought over the weekend to how we would structure the lessons. We only get the pool (which is the best pool in Mauritius, where the athletes train) for 2 hours per day.  We have it for 4 days this week, Monday through Thursday. Then […]
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Mauritius – day 2 – Mon Choisy beach

To see a video of the trip click HERE Day 2 Today I met 40 of the 98 children at Mont Choisy beach, half hour north of Port Louis. I had not met these children (apart from a couple) and they were the older ones, from ages 8 -13. I saw women cutting sugar cane by hand […]
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uSwim – volunteers to teach in Mauritius orphanage – Day 1

SOS children village, Mauritius, July 2011 to see a video from the trip click HERE When nick and I first started talking about uSwim 4 years ago, we always wanted the chance to teach children from all cultures, backgrounds etc. 6 months ago, after learning of Project Dovetail which is a non profit which gets money and resources […]
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Play time = safer, stronger, better swimmers

This week i had a great conversion with a parent regarding their child. The topic was how to increase their 7 year old’s core or abdominal strength so they could swim faster. The parent asked if doing more lesson per week was going to help, and they even suggested exercises at home such as sit-ups or […]
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Flippers/fins – when to use

We call those things that you wear on your feet flippers in Australia. Americans usually call them fins, and there are several other names for them. for the sake of the article i will using the Australian name – flippers. Flippers are a fantastic tool to help specific problems. As with most things, a balanced approach […]
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