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Teach to the level of the pupil.

GREAT teachers know who they are teaching and adjust their teaching methods accordingly. You don’t teach to a four year old the same way you would to a ten year old. Don’t become a stereotype teacher. Be willing to change depending on the age, ability, personality, level, and the level of the skills you are […]
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ALWAYS have a notebook with you.

Dougoism: “If it is not written down it won’t be done.” Keep a journal of your teaching. Write down great things you see, ideas you have, and track your results. Everyday you teach will be a new experience. You should write these experiences down. Write down your goals for the week and work towards them. […]
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Find a Mentor!

“Good teachers learn from their mistakes, great teachers learn from the mistakes of others.” Unknown. We all want to be better at what we do. Here are the first of a series of my top tips to help you. Find someone you respect and that has been in the industry for a while, observe Great Teachers teaching, […]
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What Does It Take To Achieve Good Stroke Development?

I was at the pool today and had a chance to see Lily finishing her 300m Swim. It’s hard to believe that she is just 3 years old- Lily’s stroke development is well beyond her years! What do you think it takes to achieve this stroke at such a young age? I believe the fundamentals of swimming […]
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Day 7 – Mauritius 2012

Took my Ukulele to the village this morning and the kids all began having a Jam. Linda Told me that the girl who was missing had been found, but the 2 boys were still missing. She said that there were announcements on the Radio and everything. Back to the older kids today, and it was super […]
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Day 6 – Mauritius 2012

After a cruisy weekend, I arrived at the village Monday morning to see Linda, who is extremely calm at all times, quite worried. 3 of the children had run away from the village, 2 boys and one girl. I was told that this happens quite a bit, however it is usually the boys and its […]
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1st day of teaching and an opening ceremony

Day 4 Today I got invited to the Mauritian Youth sports games opening Ceremony. The Mauritian government is really pushing sports participation for its children as it realizes the huge amount health and other benefitsits population receives from being active.  So each Easter the championships happen for a wide range of sports from Judo, Volleyball, fencing, […]
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First few days in Mauritius 2012

Day 2 Arrived in Mauritius yesterday feeling pretty jet-lagged and tired but excited all the same to be back in the island nation. This time I am staying in Flic en Flac, a small town on the western coastline of the island about an hour south of the Capital – Port Louis . Yesterday I met the […]
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uSwim visits Mauritius for the 2nd time, april 2012

Day 1 Well its Easter 2012 and I am over the moon that I am about to head back to Mauritius and volunteer on behalf of uSwim and Aquatic Achievers to teach swimming to Children of the SOS Village in Beau Bassin. The First Trip which was last July/August has had a lasting effect and motivated […]
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How to become a swim teacher, swim instructor

Teaching children to swim is a wonderfully rewarding activity/job/career. There is something about watching kids improve in the aquatic environment (to borrow a cliché) that only teachers understand. On paper it’s an easy task, as kids love water. However becoming a first class teacher takes decades, not weeks, and ask anyone who is in this […]
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