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Breath Control – where to practice

We receive many questions from parents who have trouble getting their baby or new swimmer to take a breath or put their face into the water. This is not surprising, as nervous or excited children will not have control of their breath, therefore can accidentally inhale or suck water into their lungs while swimming. This gives […]
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The fetal position is a tell-tale sign of anxiety

When teaching anyone to swim, a vey common reaction is for the student to want to bring their knees close into their chest. This has baffled many teachers over the years because when swimming, we usually want the body to be long and the torso to be extended. Once we understand why the child/student does this […]
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Einstein would have been a great Swim Teacher !!!!

I am not even sure if Albert Einstein was able to swim, however I am sure he would have made a brilliant swim teacher. There are two reasons. Firstly there is a famous story of Einstein receiving a golf lesson.  He was given several tips and pieces of advice at once and eventually became overwhelmed and frustrated. […]
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Why 1km is a great Milestone

At Aquatic achievers our goal is for every child to swim 1 kilometer continuous Freestyle, unassisted. The following are some of the reasons why we think this is a great milestone for children to Achieve. It’s difficult 1km is a long way, and takes roughly a half hour to complete Safety Although never completely safe, swimming 1km means a child […]
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