Day 4 Today I got invited to the Mauritian Youth sports games opening Ceremony. The Mauritian government is really pushing sports participation for its children as it realizes the huge amount health and other benefitsits population receives from being active.  So each Easter the championships happen for a wide range of sports from Judo, Volleyball, fencing, and even Scouts. There was probably 3-4 thousand people there, of which I was the only white person. I was sitting in the middle of the 30 or so SOS kids that were allowed to attend who were crawling all over me and mucking around the entire time. I thought we were gonna get in trouble when the sports minister was speaking and none of the kids were listening. It was like school assembly all over again. Day 5 Woke up really pumped today to get to the pool and see how these kids have gone. Linda has told me that in the last 8 months the children have been practicing their swimming and using the skill progressions that I showed them last year. Right from the start it was clear that the group was ready to listen and show off what they had been practicing. The improvement was very clear as this group was a little older had most of the better swimmers. You could tell that they understood the concept of learning one skill, then progressing onto a more difficult skill once that skill can be performed well. I think when teaching older children once this concept is realized the motivation becomes intrinsic as the steps to improving become more achievable and realistic. 2 girls in Particular Umi and Mary-Jane were doing the drills perfectly. Danielle was also there observing and really excited to see how the lessons looked in action. That’s why at Aquatic Achievers and uSwim we have broken down learning to swim into such small  steps, so that children clearly understand the next thing they need to accomplish so they can improve.