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Testimonial & Feedback

Duncan Armstrong
Duncan Armstrong
Olympic Gold medal swimmer, Father and uSwim advocate.

“Swimming opens up a world of opportunities for kids. I have seen uSwim in action and used the ‘baby swimming program’ with my daughter. Quite simply, it works. All children should learn to swim, and if traditional swimming lessons are not possible, Uswim shows you how. Any where, Any time, Any water. Now there are no excuses!”

Stephan Widmer
Stephan Widmer
Head Olympic Swim Coach, Aquatic Achievers parent.

“I really like the systematic approach of this program. The steps make it easy for kids to learn. Swimmers come through the program with great swimming fundamentals. My son has thrived at Aquatic Achievers, he thoroughly enjoys swimming, and is always improving. The idea of parents getting the Aquatic Achievers program in their own home is truly remarkable. But most of all it is comforting knowing that my son is becoming safer in the water”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed looking and learning more from your web site. Thank you for sharing. Swimming instruction is a whole new world now a days. What a fabulous service to have for all those who need and seek it. Congratulations.”
Carol Boots
“Thanks very much for putting this together. I love the flexibility of being able to teach my son in our own time. He is now able to independently swim!! Excellent resource for parents, I highly recommend!!.”
Laura M
“Just saw the article in the newspaper, & immediately, my husband and I committed to regular swim lessons for our sons using your program. Fantastic work!!! Thanks for making these life preserving lessons available to all.”
Rebecca B
“I also love uSwim! Our daughter (4 1/2) is well on her way to swimming by herself after only finishing skill 3 in the safety fundamentals. Only those three skills have already increased her confidence and she loves holding her breath and swimming underwater now. Of course, we’ll steadily continue with all the remaining skills. Thanks so much for a really great program!.”
Thirza S
“My 4-year-old has achieved breath control and so now we will start on the streamlined float! Woo hoo! A tip to others – I liked how in the video they had a puppet, I didn’t have one, but instead I signed words to her underwater which she found really fun (if you know some sign language) and it kept her interested as she kept wanting to see what I would sign next! :)”
Michelle T
“Thank you for your great app! My 4 little ones are all plowing through the lessons their improvement in just a week has been amazing! My older children have improved their front and backstroke technique. Plus I love being able to watch the app on my phone!”
Traci F
“Amazing, I’ve been sharing your program with a lot of my friends here in Canada, thank you so much for creating this. Your lessons are far above what we can get in our community centers here!”
Leah B
“We love uSwim! We are in the US and my family is enjoying it! EVERYONE should learn to swim! I see adults that are afraid of water and I wish they would learn to swim! Thanks for wonderful site!!!! We love IT!!!!”
Leslie Hollifield Nutt
“Thank you ‘uSwim’ I really like your site and instructions. It’s very hard to find good swimming courses in Egypt (especially for children under 3 years) so I’m glad that I can start teaching my boys myself :)”
Jeanet K
“Just wanted to thank you for your lessons! My 6 year old started this week, he is on level 2, lesson 3 today. He can swim for a bit underwater but we are going back to the basics so he learns a better foundation. So excited to have your lesson plans to follow!”
Catherine H
“This website is amazing! I recommend it to all my friends. I’m teaching my kids age 3 and 5 how to swim and have fun in the water and could not find any better resource to guide us through the process. Thanks!!!”
Inka S
“Thanks for this amazing contribution to learn 2 swim! Now, there is no excuse teach your child to swim in a swim school or do it yourself, but get it done!”
Karen King
“I am so excited to find your site! I cannot wait to begin teaching my 3.5 year old and 8 month old to swim. You had exactly what I was looking for as a guide to teach correctly =D”
Julie F
“I want to thank ‘uSwim’ free Online!!!! God bless you and reward you for sharing! Thanks again. Im teaching my grandson to swim with your method.”
Lucky Minondo de Trombatore
“I love uSwim!! Because we live near the snow it’s really cold here at the moment, (with no heated pool) but bring on summer and we can’t wait to be at the pool every day again!! My son doesn’t like going near new people so me being able to teach him myself is just perfect for us!! Thank you for such a great free program.”
Amanda C
” I have found this resource excellent after my daughter spent 6 years in swimming lessons – not learning to swim! We are heading towards completing Level 3 (just completed the Olympic backstroke and will be moving on to the Olympic Freestyle next) My question relates to continuing her training after level 3 – we would ideally like to go on to the breast stroke. I was wondering if you had a swim school in the UK? I realise the answer is probably no but I am reluctant to go back to the non-swimming lessons she has been attending! Might just have to move to Australia 😉 Many thanks”
Wendy Palmer
“I lived in Australia for 10 years growing up and know that swimming is an important skill taught to kids at a very young age. I now live in Canada with my family and I feel compelled to write and let you know who amazed I am at the tutorials. This is exactly how kids should be taught – step by step on how to gain basic floating skills and confidence in the water, ever before they start to even doggy paddle. I applied your techniques to my then 4 ½ year old and with persistence on our end and effort from my son, he now swims precompetitive at a swim club and is now at the Red Cross level 8 of 10 program and he is only 6. However the best part is the way I have seen my 27 month old progress. I have applied all of your techniques and just over the weekend, he is able to properly enter the water (torpedo with arms crossed) and with my assistance do a streamline float for 3 seconds. This is simply amazing! I will continue to apply the techniques I have learned and hope for a happy and confident swimmer in the future! Thank you!!”
“Hi there, I just wanted to thank-you all so much for posting the free video lessons on teaching babies to swim. My son will be four in August, and has been swimming for months thanks to your simple steps. In the past few weeks, he’s even mastered coming up for air. I’m so proud of him, and so thankful for trusting this program. My friends who put their kids in swim lessons still do not have little swimmers. I just wanted to say you all are appreciated.”
Connie & Eddy